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There are many reasons for using an SMS spy software, but the most valid use for this spy software is to monitor the mobile phone of a family member. That is why an SMS spy software is most suitable for parents who want to know the truth about their kids. As a concerned parent, you will definitely need to know the problems of your kids and the best way to get that info is to spy on their mobile phones.

How to Choose The Best SMS Spy Software

Well, finding the best SMS spy software is not that easy and you need to take some time to do some extensive research. I took into consideration several criteria like functionality, features, overall customer feedback and technical support. This review is to give you a glimpse on these spy apps and know what you can expect from these applications. So, before you purchase an SMS software you need to check if these factors are present on the application you want to buy.

  • An SMS spy app must be user-friendly which means it must be easy to install and download. After installation, it must stay hidden on the mobile phone you’re monitoring.
  • All its features and functions should be easy to understand and you’re not required to undergo some technical training.
  • The Vendor of the SMS spy app must provide a step-by-step manual that will guide you in installing the software.
  • Its technical support must be available 24/7 and they should be well-trained and professional in handling the concerns of their clients.
  • Updates for the spy app must be free and as long as you’re a subscriber – it must be updated to its newest version.
  • The SMS spy app must be reliable and it must provide a high quality tracking and monitoring capabilities.
  • A good spy app must always have a money back guarantee, which means that if you’re not satisfied with the product – you can return it to the vendor and they will return your money in full.

So Which is the Best SMS Tracker Software?

If you’re going to ask me about the best SMS spy software on the market, then I would have to say – the best one for me is Mobile Spy. After carefully reviewing the 5 spy apps above and considering all the factors involved like its features, functionality and customer feedback. Mobile Spy has the most unique features like its Optional Live Features, which allows you to monitor your target phone in real-time mode. It’s also the only spy app that offers a 7-day free trial period that allows you to experience its full potential at no extra cost.

My Final Words about the Best SMS SpySoftware

Spying on your kid’s mobile phone or knowing the SMS messages on your employees’ smartphone is important, especially if you want to know the truth about them. Purchasing a reliable SMS spy software is the key factor that can provide you with the information you need. However, before you decide on a particular SMS spy software, you need to know the types of features that can really meet your needs. If you know what features is important for you, then you can choose the most efficient subscription options for you and the type of software that can really provide the results you’re looking for.

This review is just a glimpse on the most popular SMS spy software on the market; it gives you the information you need about these apps and their capabilities. I hope you have learned a lot from my comprehensive review. But if you really want a great SMS spy software that can provide real-time monitoring capabilities, then I would high recommend Mobile Spy. This particular app is really worth your money and it’s the best spy app that you can buy on the market.

What Is SMS Spy?

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smsspyIn a recent study done in the US, it was proven that teenagers are sending at least 3,000 text messages per month. These figures are quite alarming, especially for parents who don’t have the means to know the exact messages that their kids are sending. If you’re a concerned parent and you’re worried about the contents of those SMS messages, then you might be searching for a way to intercept and read those messages. It will be next to impossible to track those messages without the help of a surveillance gadget. Getting that equipment would be so expensive and unpractical. However, software companies have now developed a new spy application that can effectively track those text messages.

Today, spy applications are now available on the market and every parent will benefit from these SMS monitoring solutions. So far, the most prominent and reliable SMS monitoring application is called – Mobile Spy. This particular spy application has helped thousands of parents in various countries and most of them had experienced the monitoring capabilities of this software. Actually, Mobile Spy is user-friendly and you don’t need extensive training just to understand all its functions.

How Can Mobile Spy Benefit Parents?

Mobile Spy will enable parents to read the exact text messages that were sent by their kids. It will also give them a hint on the types of messages that their children are sending. They can also read all incoming messages, so parents will really know if there are inappropriate messages on their kid’s cell phones. Since, most children are hesitant to share their activities with their parents and in several cases they even hide their problems. Mobile Spy is the most inexpensive solution that can break this barrier and help parents know the truth about their kids.

Where Can I Learn More About Mobile Spy?

If you want to learn more about Mobile Spy, then you can simply visit this post for more details. Monitoring SMS messages is just one of the features that Mobile Spy can offer and there’s a lot more.

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Mobile Spy: SMS Spy Software

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mobilespySMS text messaging is one of the most popular communication tools that teenagers used these days. It’s considered the latest technology that caught the attention of young people worldwide. Although, text messaging is a very useful tool of communication, it’s often abused and may become detrimental to the welfare of young people. So, if you’re thinking of monitoring the text messages of your kids or if you want to know if they are texting while driving, then you may need a SMS monitoring software. Do you want to know the problems of your kids? You may find your answers in one of their text messages. Actually, there’s already a spy app that can help you with this particular task.

The most effective SMS monitoring application on the market is Mobile Spy. Actually, this spy app is a hybrid service and software solution that can help you track the mobile phones of your kids. Mobile Spy is a unique system that can monitor and record all the activities of your kids on their smartphones. It’s also very simple to use, you don’t need to be a programmer just to understand all of its functions. However, you need to understand that before you can use all of its features – you will need to purchase the application. Actually, it will cost you for around $49.97 for its standard license and that gives you the chance to utilize its capabilities for three months.

Other Important Features of Mobile Spy

Monitoring text messages is just one of the many features of Mobile Spy. There are other features that parents can surely benefit from. These features will include:

  • URL Tracking – This particular feature will allow you to monitor all the sites that the phone user had visited. It will also track the exact web pages that are stored on the history of the phone’s browser. You will definitely know if there are inappropriate sites.
  • Monitor Calls – Mobile Spy will also track all incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone including all the details of those calls. So, you will know who your kids are calling and the person calling them.
  • Photo and Video Log – View all the photos and videos that were stored on the memory of the phone you’re monitoring.

mobile spy sms log

– Can Block Smartphone Features
– Free Future Update
– Good Tracking and Monitoring Features
– Reliable Customer Service Representatives
– 100% Money Back Guarantee
– Features Are Suitable For Parents and Business Owners
– 100% Undetectable
– 7-Day Free Trial

– Target Phone Must Be connected To The Internet
– You Need To Purchase The Spy App – It’s Not Free
– No Real Time Tracking Features

Do You Want To Know More About Mobile Spy?

If you’re a concerned parent and you want to know more about this spy app, then you better visit their site at and get more details about this ingenious product.

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